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*Reach High, Doesn't Mean She's Holy*

What a pretty song. Anyway, I know its been a VERY long time since I last updated. I apologize. Things have just been too crazy lately. I started working third shift this past week, my grandmother is in the hospital, and the Cabaret has seen alot of me. Its too much for one person. For the first time this week, I got a full nights/days sleep... 6am-1pm. I felt so good when I woke up. I felt sick to my stomach all week, and I think it was from lack of sleep, so this morning did me good.
Why is it that I log on here, ready to talk about anything and everything, and then my mind goes blank? Strange huh?
I have a feeling that Erin is upset with me. We haven't been spending as much time together lately, as we did when we first got together. *I'm sorry* I think its good to have at least a little time to yourself though. Fighting will occur if you don't take some time out for yourself. I think Erin and I are going to spend this evening together, tho, so maybe we can make up for all of the lost time :X.
Liz, I have some news for you, girl. Just find me on here or call me or something. Its about what we talked about in the Denny's parking lot on Friday night. I know the truth!!! :P.
I hope everyone has a good day, and I'll chat with you guys later :)>
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