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I'm so bored. I didn't go to work lastnight because I'm sick :(, so I slept. Now I'm wide awake at 9am with nothing to do. I've been washing clothes and cleaning up my room... blah.
I think Erin gets out of school early today, so maybe she'll show up and we can hang out. Nothing very exciting has happened here lately. I've had this girl after me, but thats about it. I keep telling her that I am not single, but she just doesn't give up. Erin turns 18 on Sunday. How exciting :). She can start clubbing with me. *JEM, JEM IS EXCITEMENT*... I can't get that theme song out of my head!!!!!!!
I can't believe my computer desk is finally clean. I've been letting shit pile up for a LONG time now. Working third shift has messed EVERYTHING up. I can't seem to get anything done anymore. I suppose its a good thing that I am up this morning, or else I wouldn't have any clothes for work tonight.
Napster sucks so bad... ugh. I can't find anything anymore, no matter how much I jumble up the letters of the artist. I've been searching for a Dido song that I love, but it won't appear :(.
Erin... no worries :X.
Goodbye all.
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