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**I would break down at your feet, and beg forgiveness, plead with you...**

I love that song. I know this is going to sound gross, but I left a glass of chocolate milk in here for a few days and its beginning to look funky.. hehe. I think I will remove it today.
Danielle is online, but she isn't responding to my messages. I wonder why? I FLEW home from Hickory today so that I could talk to her, I hope she appears soon :X. While in Hickory, I bought 3 new cds. Pink, Poe, and an 80's mix cd. I have been craving the first two, and bought the third just because it was extremely cheap. Actually, they were all really cheap.
Anyway, I know that I am rambling, trying to waste time until Danielle gets back to her computer. I miss her sooo much :(
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