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*and I hope that you trust this heart, behind my tired eyes*

Ralph and I went to Hickory today, after he put alot of my makeup on, along with one of my shirts. He was so cute, and we didn't get half as many stares as we thought we would. We were going to try to meet one of his internet men that worked in Journey's, but ended up seeing another guy that he had met the weekend before. You'd just have to know Ralph, I guess :).
Onto other topics, I finally got to talk to Danielle today, so I don't have to worry myself anymore. I know I say it alot, but I do miss her VERY much. When you want to see someone, it is the only thing that runs through your mind, all day long. Or thats how my mind functions, I suppose.
Someone asked me how I was able to make my hair spike so well, today. It wasn't easy. Ok, now I'm just talking about stupid shit. I hate it when that happens. I start off of the right foot, talking about things that people just might be interested in, and then it all turns to endless rambling.
To add to my endless rambling, I just thought of something funny. I slept from 1pm yesterday to 5am this morning. Crazy huh? When I woke up, Jux was actually still awake and online, so I went to visit him. He was hungry, so we ventured over to Denny's, and Mili was being a total bitch *as usual* so we left. We ended up at Shoney's where we ate too much, and talked about funny stuff. I will miss him if he goes off to college in the fall. :(.
Can you believe that the thought crossed my mind to actually wash the outside of my car today? That doesn't happen very often :). I wonder if I will follow thru with it? As long as Danielle is around to talk to me I know it won't happen. That is ok, though, because I can always wash it another day when she is at work and doesn't have the chance to talk.
Ok, I think that is enough endless rambling. I am going to go and focus my attention elsewhere :X. Farewell...
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