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Yesterday was such a wonderful day. I hadn't heard from Danielle all day, and it was making me sad, so I sent her an email to tell her where I was going, and told her I'd send her a message when I got back. So I left for a meeting at work, and from there I went to dinner with Mandy, Ralph, and Matt (Ralph's new squeeze). Matt was extremely nice, and we had a really good time. As we were getting ready to leave O'Charlie's, Mandy decided to go to a movie with Ralph, which would make me have to drive home by myself. So Ralph let me borrow his cell phone b/c he knows that my car is a piece. We were trying to see if he had Danielle's number programmed in there, but he didn't, so I just went ahead on my way to Morganton. When I got home, I had a message from Danielle saying that she had a surprise for me. I was thinking that maybe she was coming home a day early or something (Tuesday). A little bit later, the phone rang and it was her. My surprise was that she was only like an hour away from me!!!! I was soooo happy. So, around 10:30pm, she came to Denny's, and she just now left to go home :). The sad thing is, I have to go to the hospital tonight to see my grandmother before they turn her life-support off :(. I love my granny, but this has just gone on for too long. She has been on a ventilator for over two months!!!! Its cruel. So my brother and I are going to to up there together. I suppose this is all for now. I just wanted to let everyone know how HAPPY I am :). Byeee!!
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