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*The Discovery Place*

I had a blast today. I woke up at like 4:30pm to Ralph ringing the doorbell. He had made a little bit of money the night before, so we were still on for Scorpio's. We sat around here and talked for a while, I got ready, and we were off to Charlotte. I had gotten a message from Brandon and Kevin earlier, making sure I was still going, so we were happy to see them when we got there. Before we actually left the town of Morganton, we stopped and got gas at the Coloniel's Pantry, where one of the men inside made rude comments to Ralph about being gay and going to a gay club. We ignored that of course. So we get into Charlotte, and we're early as always, so we decide to risk it and drive around the center of town, just to see whats going on. We end up parking and walking around around. A homeless guy asked us for money, and Ralph was called a cutie by some 40 year old black lady :). Needless to say, we had alot of fun. So we leave and head back to Scorpio's. We had a blast! The place was completely packed, and as I always say, there wasn't enough oxygen for the amount of people there. I think it was even more packed this time than the last time I went, which I thought wasn't possible :). Nearing the end of our evening, Ralph meets a guy (as always), and asks me if he can come home with us. So we say goodbye to Kevin, Brandon being nowhere in site, and start on our trip back to Morganton. During this trip, I learn way more than I need to know about this guy. He's a stripper btw. I just now finished taking them to Ralph's house, and I am here, in front of my computer. I read some disturbing things in other journals tonight. Why do people automatically assume that I'm not a nice person? I won't talk about these things in my journal, but I would like to get them out in the open somehow. All I will say is that when I said,"we all know who she is," I didn't even realize that Danielle was introducing her b/c I was so damn nervous. She told me that you guys wouldn't even be there when I got there. I didn't know what to say, so at least I was able to say something. In the past I wouldn't have said a thing. I'm sorry if it sounded rude, but that isn't what I intended. Goodnight everyone...
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