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What a day. I wake up to one of Ralph's men asking me questions about him. I don't know what to say. I don't want to ruin anything by accident. Ralph is one of my best friends. He just tries to juggle too many men at once.
Onto other topics. I wanted to go to lunch with Holly D. today, but she ended up not being able to meet us. I then, decided to go to her house to visit her, but no one answered the door. When I got home, I messaged her to ask her if she was there, and some guy answered the im. It was her new roomate, who didn't answer the door when I was knocking. He said he didn't hear it. Damnit. So, I came home.
I am so fucking stressed out right now and I don't know why. My car is completely fucked up, it keeps over heating. So I can't take Danielle home. I think she is kinda' upset about that. I really can't help it though. No one can help it if their car just decides to fuck up. I feel extremely guilty about something that I can't fix. Ok, thats enough whining for right now.
I am currently talking to Jen on Yahoo. We have some of the most hilarious, pointless conversations. *Shut up Bitch*
Ok, I have totally lost my train of thought, so I will write later. Goodbye.
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