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*Time to go dancing*

I am full of energy tonight for some reason. That is definitely surprising, considering that I went out clubbing lastnight, probably didn't actually get to sleep until 7am this morning, woke up at 11:15am, and I'm still feeling fine :). Lets see, what did I do today?? I would speak of lastnight, but I don't think it is relevant for my livejournal ;). This morning, I went to my family reunion. Blah. Thats about all I can say about it. I had fun talking to my brother and his wife, but damn, the actual reunion was no fun. We went to this big place with like a "man made swimming hole." It was a big concrete thing filled with water w/ sand at the bottom. The weather sucked... only the insane little kids swam in the gloominess. Anyway, before I depress myself anymore, tomorrow shall be a wonderful night. A group of us are going clubbing in Charlotte, I am far past excited :D. Well, I figured I would write just enough to let everyone know that I am still alive after all of the recent drama. Good evening...
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