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*Good Morning*

I finally woke up, and its 4am. I wonder if I still have a job? hehe. I feel like it was time for me to quit Denny's. I am seriously thinking about applying at the Center, now. I think I will go this morning :). This is how I feel. If I am going to work full-time, why not work where I get paid for working full-time, and not where I am a server 3rd shift and only get busy like 2 nights a week. 3rd shift was beginning to really get to me. I feel like I can't get anything done anymore. I never get to spend time with my friends, anymore. *See what I mean? Its driving me crazy*
*Danielle, I'm sorry I never got back online. My dad came down lastnight and told me that I needed to decide on whether to go to work or not, and I decided not.* I should've gotten up right then, but I didn't. I will have more time to talk to you now, though, until I find another job. I am going to dress up really nice today, and try to find a good job. One that takes some kind of experience, or something. Ya know? I don't want to work these awful "lots of work=no money" jobs anymore.
I think I will get offline for a little bit and get ready. I will update later on today, I promise.
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