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What a week I have been thru thus far. I need a break, I need to go dancing... I can't wait for the weekend. To start things off, my grandmother passed away Friday evening. So, since then, I have done nothing but attend family get togethers, not to mention the recieving of friends, church service, and the funeral. It has actually been harder on me the past few days, then it was when she died on Friday. I suppose it took a little while to get to me that the granny that I spent most of my life with, was no longer here. I was really upset yesterday.
On a lighter note, I got a full scholarship for this year at WPCC. I know, I know, its a community college, but at least I don't have to pay for an entire year. That made my parents really happy.
I'm also looking forward to getting a new car fairly soon. My dad is going to help me with it. I've been observing this really nice Honda for the past few days. A 97 civic. Its gorgeous. My brother and I stopped and checked it out today. Its in really good condition, only 53,000 miles.
On an even happier note, Danielle comes back today!!!! I've been really excited about that. Actually, the thought of seeing her is probably the only thing thats kept me sane for the past few days. She had surgery on Monday, and I've been worried about her ever since. I haven't talked to her, but I'm sure she has just been taking it easy, and spending time with her mom. I wonder if I'll get to see her today, before I go to work. One can only hope I guess.
Well, thats about it for now. Maybe I'll write more later, or in the morning when I get off work. Byeeee....
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