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I've actually had an exciting past couple of days. The night before last, Ralph, Heather, Danielle, and I went to the Cabaret. Danielle couldn't dance, of course, but we still had a great time, and I woke up beside of her the following morning, which is always wonderful :). So, I took her home really early yesterday morning, like 11am. By the time I got home it was like 12:30, and a half an hour later Jux got home from the beach. We ended up getting together and going swimming, for all of like 10 minutes. The water was chilly, I suppose because of the rain we had the day before. Anyway, Heather called me, and we all made plans to go to a movie. After the movie, we went to the new *Dreamer's* to hang out with Chris and Charles. I felt like it was a good deed kinda' thing. I knew that they hadn't had much business, and Charles had been asking me repeatedly to show up... so we did. It was extremely dead, but Heather and I still danced and had a good time. Jux was too sleepy to do anything :(. I suppose I can't leave the part out that Erin, Jenafur, and Jessica showed up. I know they probably wanted to kill me, but hey, I went there to see my friends, not to start any shit. I mean, damn, I wouldn't have minded having a friendly conversation with them, but I knew it wouldn't happen. So, anyway, after we left the club, Chris and I went to Mr. Omelet... I was sooo hungry. Right as I'm getting out of the car, Clarke pulls up in his hummer, and I see Andy inside. I see Clarke almost every night, but its always cool to chat with him. Andy on the other hand, I don't see very often. It was nice to see her, too. I went in, sat down, and had my plate of grease for the month. Ugh. The hashbrowns were good, but my cheeseburger sucked. After we finished, I went and got my car from Jux's house, and headed home, which brings me to now. My eyelids are getting heavy, so I suppose I will go to bed. I will update again soon :).
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