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*No more drama*

This is where I stop writing about my personal life in my journal. Onto other topics, I woke up at like 2pm yesterday to Ralph spilling his guts about the Stripper. I don't think that either of us liked him very much. He was just so conceded. Ugh. Yesterday evening, I worked on my computer, and spent a little while with my parents. Then I was off to work as usual. I'm racking my brain to think of one, single, interesting thing that happened lastnight. Ummm, Naome came to visit me. I hadn't seen her in like a month or longer. It was a nice surprise. Her and Mandy had some guy passed out in the back of their car. It was funny. When they left, I was there all alone and bored as hell, as usual. I got all of my sidework done really early, though. I was out of there by 6:30am this morning. That is REALLY good compared to the times I've been getting out of there lately. Now I am home, reading www.drama-confusion.com, about to wash some clothes. Goodnight all... Zzzz...
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