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I had a really good time this weekend. I went dancing both Friday and Saturday, and I met this new guy named Josh. He is so funny. Gay men make me happy :). Ralph was dancing with this guy that Josh really didn't like, so he did the hate dance, hence the subject :). We really did have a ball. I think I have a new clubbing partner. I was planning on going to Scorpio's tonight, but I'm afraid to call in. Another person that works at Denny's called in on Friday, and she got fired! Mili already doesn't like me, so I better not take any chances.
When I called Ralph at Denny's tonight, he said that Mili was trying to get him to work 3rd shift so that he could help me deep clean for the inspection tomorrow. I normally have another lady working with me until 2am, but she called in, AGAIN. She calls in all the fucking time. If Mili makes me deep clean by myself, I don't know what I'll do. She is pure evil. Sometimes I wish that she would come upon my livejournal just to see the mean things that I say about her. I'm not the only one that hates her though.
Well, I suppose I should go and get ready for work. I'll chat with everyone later :)
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